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Worker Wins!

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By standing together with their coworkers and organizing with CWA, workers all across the tech and game industry have won major improvements to their work lives! 

ZeniMax workers recently bargained terms over the control and use of AI in the workplace with their employer Microsoft. Video game contractors organized and won a transition to becoming full-time direct hires of Microsoft. Game workers at Tenderclaws won expanded rights for LGBTQ workers in the company. Tech workers at companies like EveryAction and NPR have won Just Cause Protections (meaning the company has to prove financial or performance reasons for firing someone). The Alphabet Workers Union - CWA has built a mass movement of thousands that has held the company to account on its stated values - including winning the right to use preferred names for trans workerscollective bargaining rights for some workers, proving contractors are jointly employed by Google and their vendor companies, and so much more! 

Workers all over the US and Canada are building their union power on the job - you can too!