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Are you ready for a voice at ABK?

Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard gives us a chance to have a true voice at work.

Critical issues like pay and bonus structures, equity, crunch, work from home, job security, and much more are on the table. What do you want in this moment? Think of the changes you would like to see when it comes to these issues, what policies you want to preserve. Our ideas could become our reality if we take this opportunity to organize our union.

Microsoft President Brad Smith has said that he wants to make it "simpler, not more difficult" for employees to choose whether to join a union, and the company's actions show that they mean it. Microsoft has a legally-binding agreement with CWA for a fair, streamlined process for union representation.

Now is the time to join together at Microsoft/Activision Blizzard! The first step is for you to let us know that you are ready to join together with our co-workers to form a union! Fill out this form, and someone will follow up with you.

Get In Touch!

Fill out this form and we'll follow up with you to talk about how you can form a union with your coworkers.