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ZeniMax // QA Tester

Haley Thompson

Working with CWA has been amazing! Everyone from their side has been so friendly and helpful when it comes to any questions we have with the organizing and bargaining process. I've never been in a union before this, but I can't imagine working with any other group. I highly recommend CWA to anyone who wants to Unionize!

Organizing while under Microsoft was completely painless from my perspective. Microsoft listened and accepted our unionization efforts immediately. I never felt or feel like Microsoft felt any way about me joining the union effort.

Having bargaining rights feels amazing! Instead of being a single voice that can be easily ignored, the cacophony of voices demands to be listened to and heard. So far, we've made sure one of our departments was able to receive the pay raise they rightfully deserved. We've been able to enforce an overtime policy that isn't mentally and physically harmful to our QA members.